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 Close Combat III

Conversion to Cross of Iron in progress


and The Road to Berlin

A sub-mod of the Western Front/Commonwealth Summermods

6thairbourne division Tetrarch light tank broughtin by Hamilcar glider onD-Day. Armed with a 75mm howitzer or a 2pdr ATgun and one coaxialmounted 7.92mm besa machine gun. Note airbournetroops wearing berets inbackground of Tetrarch photo.

This mod is supplied as a pluginand requires

1. Full install of CCIII and 3.0bpatch

2. Install WF or CS mod with zeppo9'sconfig47 orbetter (see below)

3. Install Overlord with config. Manager

4. Play the game......

I've included four campaigns

1.Enemy at the Gates Campaign

2.Sabots Hammer and Anvil Campaign (tweaked)

3.The CS Normandy Campaign (tweaked), needs CSinstalled

4.The WF Assault on Europe campaign (tweaked),needs WF installed 

*** Note Plugin version takescare of all backups and re-installs.

Appropriate graphics are also in the pipeline(help needed )

schrecken  :)

News article

Canadian Ram Kangaroo troop carrier replaced the PriestKangaroo used in actions around the Falaise gap.

Nowat Version 110. In addition to all the changes in earlier releases vers110 includes new units...AA Crusader (Bofors andOerlikon),AB75mmhowitzer, Marder I, Partisans/Marquis resistancefighters.

Download Overlord-v110 alsoIncludes custom scenarios.
OverlordScenario Pack
CommonwealthSummer Scenario Pack

Please View My Maps

A Close CombatSPR movie


Close Combat III plugin downloads

A full install of CCIII and CC3.0b must be completed for these mods towork!

Run CC3 with out the CD
Note: You must own an original CDfor this work
Maps for Mods PDF file View asPDF
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This file lists all the maps needed to play the GC's
Zeppos brilliant plugin manager config51 plugin manager by zeppo9 Visitzeppo9's page
Western Front Mod... 30meg Download  
Download - slow

WF map pack for the GC
I'velost the  Western Front, if any one can
supply a link I would be grateful
RealRed with ops and battles and Real Infantry Download
Real Red with Dreaded88's graphics Download
Download - slow
VisitReal Red
France 1940...25meg Downloadv3
Download v2
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Luer's Real Romanians Download
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Visitreal Romanians
Luer's Finland mod Download
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Commando War Download
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Visitcommando war
Commonwealth Summer Download
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Itl_Becca's Italy Mod Visit the site to see latest update VisitItl_Becca's site
The Great War Download
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Ron's Pacific War Downloadv819
Download - slow v628
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Luer's PanzerJaeger Mod Download
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Operation Mars MMCC3 multiplayer by KWP Download VisitKWP's site

MMCC3OpMars Server

Vietnam Download Visit'Nam
Afrika Mod Download VisitAfrika
Poland '39

Englander Download
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Kharkov 1.1
Kharkov 2.1
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Eastern Legions V3
CSO Close Combat CLan
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 and all the news and Gossip
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AA Clan
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Close Combat Series
Downloads and info

Close Combat V plugin downloads

A full install of CCV and CC5.01a (patch) must be completedfor thesemods to work!
zeppo9's Config. manager for CC5

CC5 Winter War 1.3
Download- fast
Download - slow

Download maps here here

CC5 Gold Juno Sword  4.3
Download - fast
Download - slow
Download the maps here

CC5 Bloody Omaha 1.01
Download- fast
Download - slow
Download the maps here

CC5 Karelia 1.1
Download- fast
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Download the maps here

CC5 Meuse Crossing 3.2
Download -fast
Download - slow
Download the maps here

CC5 Ardennes Offensive (vet)
Download the repainted maps Here

CC5 Stalingrad (In progress)

Download the maps here

Download More CC5 MODS and MAPS here

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